A calm atmosphere and exemplary cleaning is the focus at Slagsta Gate Hotell

EasyFlat acquired Slagsta Gate Hotel a year ago. Thanks to Mikaela and Diana the operations could continue as before, with the exceptions of some improvements. After five years responsible for the daily service the sisters know exactly what the guests appreciate.

The sisters have been colleagues for five years. Then, in 2014, the parents who owned Slagsta Gate Hotel expanded from 40 to 150 rooms.

– I’d been working with cleaning services before, so for me it was a clear yes when our parents asked for help, says Diana.

Mikaela was a bit more skeptical but gave it a chance as she wanted to support the family business. While Diana took care of the cleaning, Mikaela was given responsibility over the reception and administration.

Diana & Mikaela in the reception
Diana & Mikaela

– It actually works extremely well to work together. The fights we took when we were little. In fact, it is only positive that we know each other so well and can be straight and honest with each other. But this is now, when two from the family is working here, four was a bit too many. Then we only talked about work at family dinners.

EasyFlat takes over Slagsta Gate Hotell

EasyFlat took over the hotel in 2018, the same year as it expanded with another 40 rooms. The hotel now has a total of 190 rooms. The guests are tourists, business travelers and companies that accommodates a larger number of employees at the hotel during a certain period.

– Some guests only stay for one night, while some stay… longer! Mikaela says and bursts into a big smile. We have a customer who has stayed with us on and off for seven years. That must indicate that our guests are happy here.

Mikaela in the reception

One of the reasons Mikaela and Diana think is their big focus on cleanliness. And Diana has a special secret to make the experience as good as possible.

– It must smell good! We have an aroma diffuser in the lobby that makes any bad odor disappear and spreads a lovely scent. Not too much, but just right. In addition, we wash all the quilts and pillows ourselves with rinse aid after each check out, she says.

– And then she constantly has a bottle of scent spray in her pocket in case there is a need for some extra, laughs Mikaela.

– That’s correct! And I also try to check each cleaned room. We have a fantastic team of cleaning staff. I just check that nothing has been missed.

The goal when acquiring the hotel was to take the company from a family business but maintaining the familiar feeling. And to streamline and improve what was needed. Among other things, the booking system has been changed to give Mikaela a better overview of check-ins and check-outs. The system also helps Diana plan the cleaning in a better way. So now they can spend time on doing other things. That little extra that makes customers feel almost at home at the apartment hotel.

– We always have tea and coffee in the lobby during the weekdays. And sometimes we offer some goodies. We treat our guests with semlor, the traditional Swedish pastry, on its very special day and cinnamon buns on the ‘day of cinnamon buns’. But most importantly, there is a calm, quiet and relaxed feeling at the hotel. Some of our guests work night shifts and sleep during the days, some get up very early and so on. It’s important that everyone who is staying here feel comfortable and at home. As I said, we get a lot of praise for the cleanliness. But it’s important to not become comfortable, we must constantly work to maintain that level.

Mikael and Diana

Both Mikaela and Diana say that the best thing about work is that no day is the same. Some days there are few new check-ins while some days offer lots of change of guests. Those days it’s full speed at Slagsta Gate Hotel.

– Those days are fun! I almost wish for a bit of chaos sometimes. When we have a lot to do. Then I may have to clean myself as well, says Diana.

If Mikaela also need to help out with the cleaning sometimes?

– No. I won’t let her. Okay, maybe to make the beds at its height, laughs Diana.